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‘Diamonds are forever’

Dear Reader,

In the last while so much has happened and there is still so much to do. The first part of the beautiful Antwerp Diamond project was a huge success and I am very excited to tell you that there will be a follow up project next year with my favorite Belgian contractors ! And this is only the beginning of what’s going to happen in the next few months. We are really busy at Flore Zoé productions with organizing new exhibitions for the beginning of 2012, expanding to Singapore and there is a really big surprise in store for March which I cannot mention yet, but I can tell you that it is going to be amazing and it is not to be missed ! I promise that I will keep you posted !!

And leaving the best for last…… I am only days away from my big project in South Africa, I’m so excited and I can’t wait to tell you all about it….
Kissssses FZ


Dear reader,

After a very long period of reading & watching everything there is to be read and seen about diamonds and it’s industry I started a few weeks ago with creating my concept for this new art-series.

Today we presented my concept in Antwerp and I am so very HAPPY. It’s so nice to see that people understand and appreciate my work THIS much.
We will keep you informed about this very special project that will take place in Belgium and South-Africa.

NEW art-series REUNION

Dear reader, on March 5th of this year I shot the concept series ‘REUNION’. I am proud to show it to the world today and hope to exhibit it soon.
Click to view the entire series ‘REUNION’.

I was pleased to work with a marvellous team. Their names and jobs are mentioned below.

The concept I wrote is 25 pages thick, but to narrow it down: The series is about a few commun subjects, such as: the fear of letting go and not having want you want.

A special thanks goes out to Marcel Wanders, whom provided us with a beautiful location. And thank you Kim@Marcel Wanders for helping us that day

Concept & Photography : Flore Zoé
Photography asistant: Renée Jansen
Photography asistant: Annalisa Bruno
Make-up & Hair: Viviënne De Rop
Styling: Graziella Ferraro
Styling-assistant 1 & 2: very sorry but I do not remember your names, but thank you so much for your effort

At Work

Message from my fans

Dear reader, I feel so very blessed! I received the message below from Dutch fans which I would really like to share with you.
They think I am the new Willink ( in the way I use my light
Thank you so much Ztud & the fanz for this GREAT compliment!!!

“ah,Miss Fore..
vanavond een sensible discussie gehouden over Dutch export met wat good friends..
iedereen wist op audiogebied natuuurlijk Armin te betitelen…maarr,hey..op visual…yep..hoe leuk was t dat we ‘t èindelijk eens allemaal eens waren after a long time…ik moest wèl met bewijzen komen,natuurlijk..en eindelijk was mijn vermoeden bevestigd!…Willink..qua licht en compositie..waren the boys het over eens!…zò trots! hoe doe je ‘t toch? pfff,who needs Armin if we have a Flore?..You Rock,lady! Grtiez Ztud & the fanz!”

Back Home

Dear reader, our business-trip to New York has been phenomenal, extra-ordinary, remarkable, awesome, tremendous, magnificent, marvelous, exciting, refreshing, magical, amazing, fabulous, wonderful…..
ok, maybe I am too excited, but it was just great!

a new exhibition is being installed at this very moment at a very special location in the Meatpacking district (We will keep you informed)
AND we’re working on a new project with a New York company
When back in the Netherlands, I attended a very special dinner AND filmset of MW, put some pictures here

Work, work, drinks, food, more food, more drinks, more work work work, sightseeing, FZ was here..

Dear reader, we’ve been busy and we are ready to go home. As you would say in Dutch: ’15 dagen New York gaat je niet in de kouwe kleren zitten’ We worked and met so many people during formal and informal meetings, at drinks, dinners and clubbing. When back in The Netherlands we’ll probably need a continues two week sleep… LOL No seriously, there’s more work to do and we love it! New York was very warm to us: they really seem to like Flore Zoé :) ))

Kissses Fz

PS There are a lot of pictures because we did so many things, hope you like them!

**busy bees**

7 April, 2011

Dear reader, we’ve been busy busy busy bees and I’m glad to tell you that! So not a lot of cool pictures because we were constantly in meetings with clients and galleries. But of course, we still did some shooting on our way… Great things are happening here, to be continued…….


Weekend in New York City

We did some work and had a GREAT time as well.. Funny how things can go: as a friend told us. In NY you can go out for milk at 5pm and meet a friend who says, there’s this great party come with us, then you end up at another party and another party…. Before you know it you get home at 5am without the milk…..
Thank you Peter & Lizzie for a wonderful brunch, Thank you Shane & Shawn for inviting us to your private party, Thank you Hussein for hanging out together at the Oak Room Bar, Thank you Frank Bernarducci for a nice opening at the gallery, Thank you Alpha for the GREAT sushi! And everybody else: THANKS for a ‘never-to-be-forgotten’ weekend…

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