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Flore Zoé (The Netherlands, 1975)

Flore Zoé has been passionate about photography from an early age, she was fascinated by the forming and setting of images. However, later on, she decided, to study psychology. Eventually her ardent ambition to create uncommon photoseries autonomously triumphs. After a long trip to the Far East she returns to her passion: the creation of images. The past years Flore Zoé has worked with distinctive artists such as Marcel Wanders, Percy Irasquin, Jessica Joyce, Marlies Dekkers and Daryl van Wouw. She has had expositions in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. More shows areplanned for 2010 in New York, Shanghai, Milan, Paris, London and Barcelona.

Flore Zoé communicates stories through her images: “in my work I mount and direct individuals and surroundings, thus telling my own story”. A large part of her artwork consists of emotions wrapped up in an autobiographical form. Although aware of commercial exigencies, her work is still autonomous. Due to her special and willful view by looking around, she creates a very special product.




- EXPO at Park Hotel Amsterdam

- EXPO at New York’s Fashion Week S/S

- EXPO at Paris Fashion Week S/S

- city-EXPO ‘VITRINE’ in Antwerp, Belgium

- EXPO at hotel BANKS, Antwerp November 2009 – February 2010
- Flore Zoé’s EXPO in glossy magazine Avangarde December 2009
- High Fashion editorial in AM magazine December 2009
- Publication ‘BEHIND THE CEILING’ (book by Marcel Wanders)
-Publication book Elements by LUTE
NEW SERIES: ‘SPIRIT’, created at the Military Hospital in Antwerp, realized by
- Recent: Expo ‘t Groenkwartier, Antwerp, Belgium.
- Expo ‘Collaboration between Flore Zoé and Jessica Joyce (Fashion designer), Amsterdam International Fashion Week, Studio Apart #2, The Netherlands;
- Series: ‘Liquid’; ‘FMV’ ‘Immortality’;
- Launching
- ‘Salon for Photography’, Berlin, Germany;
Expo ‘Flore Zoé Solo’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
- Series Porcelain;
- Series Artefacts (Fashion by well-known Dutch designers, such as Percy Irausquin, Marlies Dekkers, Daryl van Wouw).
Series: ‘Fluent Fight’ (interior-design by Marcel Wanders).
Expo NÓORDERLICHT, Kunst in de Kop Groningen, The Netherlands;
Series Miss Nine (DJ & Elite-model)
- Expo NuPerspective, Amsterdam International Fashion Week, The Netherlands;
- Solo Expo, Galerie Godà Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- Expo SchaamtelooS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- Expo BE, NOORDERLICHT Groningen, The Netherlands.
Fotoacademie Amsterdam 1999 – 2003
- Expo I DON’T AIM I SHOOT PEOPLE AT RANDOM, Loods6 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- Expo ‘Tulpen voor Natasha’, Agnietenkapel Gouda, The Netherlands

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