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R.I.P. my hero J.J. Cale

R.I.P. my hero J.J. Cale

Today I received the message that JJ Cale has passed away.

I am upset, very upset.
I asked myself why am I so upset anyway? After all, I did not know this great man personally.

The answer is so simple.  Throughout my whole life, starting in my early childhood, his music has played a very important role.

In my early youth which can not be described as a ‘walk in the park’ – I came across the music of JJ Cale. My father had all of his LPs.

When I was alone I would turn on his records and listen to them over and over and over again. I was very impressed with the relaxation factor of his music and in particular his lyrics. I was sure that one of his lyrics was LITERALLY  written about me. ;-) I can even say that I have listened to that specific number and his entire compilation since ‘our acquaintance” almost daily.

“Dear John Weldon Cale,

Your music has played a BIG role in all of the important moments in my life, ……. ‘Struggling with puberty’, meeting my now husband, having my first AND second child, in creating most of my art-series, during moments of joy and sadness, my marriage and most importantly just enjoying it almost every day of my life!

My big dream was to one day be able to see you live in concert. Unfortunately that will never happen. ”

However !

One thing will never change, I will continue to listen to your music and forever enjoy your beautiful lyrics and pass them on to those special to me in my life.


Flore Zoé




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