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Amazed & Inspired

There are those moments and there are those MOMENTS that you just can’t describe….

One of those moments was last night !  I would love to be blasé about it, “Pffff, It was just like any other concert that I have been to”, but the truth is that last night has made a deep impression on me.
To have overall access as  ’friend of the band’ with all of the extras that go along with it, and then to experience the show from a specially made platform between the 70,000 partying people by one of the biggest bands at this moment in time, is VERY special, period!
We were treated to a mind blowing night, an amazing lighting show, unbelievable music, All of this from four very modest guys.
I want to thank you for the ‘uber-VIP’ treatment and the fantastic night: in short it was a night to remember ! Thank you Luc, Lian & Keshia, Coldplay and Crew !
Kissssses Fz
PS, You have deeply inspired me, so much so that I have created a whole new concept for a new art-series (in my sleepless, adrenaline filled night)









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