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Dear Friends,

What a summer so far!!

First of all, my art works are being highly rated in The Opera Gallery in Paris, so much so that I received a very sweet mail informing me that they have now sent my art works to their gallery in Monaco too….. & Hong Kong and Singapore are also just around the corner.

Meanwhile, back in the Netherlands, the past few months have been anything but quiet at the Flore Zoé office. After the 3 months of being followed by Absolut Vodka and The Hidden World who witnessed the making of one of my biggest shoots to date,  I have finally had the time to complete two new art series, the soon to be revealed, “May I Hurt you?” and “lust”  AND…… even add another new face to my “Porcelain” Family :-)   The busy times didn’t stop there, the first ever Flore Zoé impression was also born.  A short film, which was made with the intention of giving you a feeling of what happens behinds the scenes during my shoots. Watch it here, enjoy!

Kisssssss FZ

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