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NEW art-series REUNION

Dear reader, on March 5th of this year I shot the concept series ‘REUNION’. I am proud to show it to the world today and hope to exhibit it soon.
Click to view the entire series ‘REUNION’.

I was pleased to work with a marvellous team. Their names and jobs are mentioned below.

The concept I wrote is 25 pages thick, but to narrow it down: The series is about a few commun subjects, such as: the fear of letting go and not having want you want.

A special thanks goes out to Marcel Wanders, whom provided us with a beautiful location. And thank you Kim@Marcel Wanders for helping us that day

Concept & Photography : Flore Zoé
Photography asistant: Renée Jansen
Photography asistant: Annalisa Bruno
Make-up & Hair: Viviënne De Rop
Styling: Graziella Ferraro
Styling-assistant 1 & 2: very sorry but I do not remember your names, but thank you so much for your effort

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