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Flore Zoé is to exhibit her art at Opera Gallery Paris, London, Miami and Monaco!

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R.I.P. my hero J.J. Cale

R.I.P. my hero J.J. Cale

Today I received the message that JJ Cale has passed away.

I am upset, very upset.
I asked myself why am I so upset anyway? After all, I did not know this great man personally.

The answer is so simple.  Throughout my whole life, starting in my early childhood, his music has played a very important role.

In my early youth which can not be described as a ‘walk in the park’ – I came across the music of JJ Cale. My father had all of his LPs.

When I was alone I would turn on his records and listen to them over and over and over again. I was very impressed with the relaxation factor of his music and in particular his lyrics. I was sure that one of his lyrics was LITERALLY  written about me. ;-) I can even say that I have listened to that specific number and his entire compilation since ‘our acquaintance” almost daily.

“Dear John Weldon Cale,

Your music has played a BIG role in all of the important moments in my life, ……. ‘Struggling with puberty’, meeting my now husband, having my first AND second child, in creating most of my art-series, during moments of joy and sadness, my marriage and most importantly just enjoying it almost every day of my life!

My big dream was to one day be able to see you live in concert. Unfortunately that will never happen. ”

However !

One thing will never change, I will continue to listen to your music and forever enjoy your beautiful lyrics and pass them on to those special to me in my life.


Flore Zoé




Amazed & Inspired

There are those moments and there are those MOMENTS that you just can’t describe….

One of those moments was last night !  I would love to be blasé about it, “Pffff, It was just like any other concert that I have been to”, but the truth is that last night has made a deep impression on me.
To have overall access as  ’friend of the band’ with all of the extras that go along with it, and then to experience the show from a specially made platform between the 70,000 partying people by one of the biggest bands at this moment in time, is VERY special, period!
We were treated to a mind blowing night, an amazing lighting show, unbelievable music, All of this from four very modest guys.
I want to thank you for the ‘uber-VIP’ treatment and the fantastic night: in short it was a night to remember ! Thank you Luc, Lian & Keshia, Coldplay and Crew !
Kissssses Fz
PS, You have deeply inspired me, so much so that I have created a whole new concept for a new art-series (in my sleepless, adrenaline filled night)









Dear Friends,

What a summer so far!!

First of all, my art works are being highly rated in The Opera Gallery in Paris, so much so that I received a very sweet mail informing me that they have now sent my art works to their gallery in Monaco too….. & Hong Kong and Singapore are also just around the corner.

Meanwhile, back in the Netherlands, the past few months have been anything but quiet at the Flore Zoé office. After the 3 months of being followed by Absolut Vodka and The Hidden World who witnessed the making of one of my biggest shoots to date,  I have finally had the time to complete two new art series, the soon to be revealed, “May I Hurt you?” and “lust”  AND…… even add another new face to my “Porcelain” Family :-)   The busy times didn’t stop there, the first ever Flore Zoé impression was also born.  A short film, which was made with the intention of giving you a feeling of what happens behinds the scenes during my shoots. Watch it here, enjoy!

Kisssssss FZ


Dear Friends,

Just a quick update to let you all know what is happening in my hectic life. The diamond shoot was a great success, my art works are doing really well in the Opera gallery, I have just finished a new ‘Free’ art series plus this weekend I added a new piece to one of my existing art series ‘Porcelain’…..It’s at times like this that I really feel blessed.

Have a look for yourself :-)

Kissssssssss FZ

It’s almost time…

Dear Friends,

It is finally so far ! The shoot that my team and I have been working on and preparing for for such a long time is just around the corner, next week in fact! My team and I will be shooting in a location in France for four days where we will be creating the last six images of a series of nine.

Please feel free to like & follow us on where we will be posting live updates during this very exciting shoot.

Kisssesz, Fz
PS, the excitement doesn’t stop there, When we return from the shoot we will only have to wait for 10 more days for “FZGU”……..

May I have your attention?

April 2012

Lieve mensen (see English text below),

Heel graag wil ik, Flore Zoé, een medeDELING ☺ doen; deze maand en aankomende maanden worden ontzettend belangrijk voor mij. Na vijftien jaar knokken en strijden, gebeuren er nu werkelijk zeer grote dingen. Deze wil ik allemaal heel graag met jullie kunnen blijven delen.

Vandaar dat (onder andere) het volgende verandert: de huidige Flore Zoé Facebook pagina blijft niet bestaan en gaat naar een pagina met meer mogelijkheden. Zoals mijn team het zo mooi heeft verwoord:

“Hitting the ‘like’ button will be the right thing to do: we will spoil you with live backstage streams, freshly shot images, exciting upcoming events, custom-made apps, a frequently changing page-design!”

Wat ik aan de nieuwe pagina vooral bijzonder vind is dat er niet vertoonde beelden vanaf klein meisje af aan tot heden worden vertoond. Ik zou het fantastisch vinden als je mij blijft volgen/ ‘liken’ op mijn nieuwe pagina en ik alle bijzondere gebeurtenissen met je mag delen. Klik hier om te liken!


Flore Zoé

Dear Friends,

With this letter, I Flore Zoé, would like to share the following with you: This month and the coming months are extremely important for me. After fiftheen years of hard work and knock backs, big things are really about to happen and these are the things that I really want to share with you.

Because of this (and other things) the following change is being made. This Flore Zoé page will be replaced by a new page with more possiblilities. As my team have so nicely said:

“Hitting the ‘like’ button will be the right thing to do: we will spoil you with live backstage streams, freshly shot images, exciting upcoming events, custom-made apps, and a frequently changing page-design!”

What I really like about the new page is that it will show the ‘never seen before’ images from my childhood right up until now. I would really love it if you would continue to follow me and ‘like’ my new page where I can share all of the special happenings with you. Please click here to like!

Flore Zoé

Paris, Hong Kong & Singapore

Dear All,

After all the excitement from last week…. Reality is starting to kick in. I am going to exhibit my work in the “Opera Gallery” in Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris !!!!

Still on a cloud :-)
Kissssssss FZ

What a start to the year 2012!

Oh my…. What a start to the year !

February update,

* Important meeting in Paris with one of the worlds most famous galleries…..check
* Flore Zoé Singapore…check
* “Top Secret” exhibition dates confirmed….check
* FZ Productions workshops..check
* Are diamonds still my best friend ? oh, yes they are !!!! Antwerp project part two…check

I am so excited about what the rest of the year has in store for me, and its only February :-)

Kisssssssssses FZ

“Home Sweet Home”

Dear all,

What a way to start 2012, I think that this is going to be my year !! With all of the beautiful memories of South Africa still fresh in the back of my mind, I started back to work in Holland and I just gave my very first workshop for Flore Zoé Productions (14-01-12) and if I may say so myself it was a great success. I am still super hyper from the pre-presentation nerves and all the amazing compliments which I received from some really great and very talented people…(thank you guys). This year promises to be a great one and I promise to keep you all up to date. Rumors have it that it might even involve some tv work and thats all that I can say…. :)

So please stay tuned :-)

Kisssssssss FZ